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In 2021 our CEO Carlos Casas was invited to join the Austin Business Journal Leadership Trust, an exclusive community for influential business
leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in Central Texas. Carlos Casas was chosen for membership by the Austin Business Journal Leadership Trust Selection Committee due to his experience, leadership, and influence in the local business landscape and beyond. 

As an invited member, Carlos contributes articles to the Austin Business Journal website and participates alongside fellow members in Expert Panels such as the following articles published in collaboration with business leaders.

two colleagues brainstorming

10 ways to evolve existing marketing campaign concepts

Coming up with new marketing campaign ideas can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to design one from scratch. Learn from this group of experts about helpful best practices you can implement in your marketing efforts.

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11 common social media missteps small businesses should avoid

Entrepreneurs and small businesses can reap great rewards from leveraging social media for marketing and analytics but only if they know how to do it right. 

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15 ways for business leaders to proactively prepare for digital threats

Despite technological advances and solutions, cyber-attacks and other digital threats remain some of the most significant culprits in the demise of online business. However, there are several things leaders can do to proactively prepare for such digital threats.

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13 effective ways leaders can develop and nurture their intuition

Good intuition can be a big differentiator when it comes to leading an organization but can you develop it like any other skill? 

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